Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Loving The Starmax Online Products So Much

After a week, I finally received my Starmax Online items given by my Aussie client and loving it so much.  The package includes the miracle mop, vacuum storage bags, vacuum food storage bags, vacuum sealer, velvet hangers in black and white colors and the Kitchen Dicer Pro. It also comes with complete manuals and step by step instructions on how to properly use the products. I love household stuffs especially if it’s for kitchen and I am really excited to use them.

So my younger sister has tried using the Miracle mop on our floor and it works really well. She started mopping it with water (with a bit powder detergent) and thoroughly cleans the surface as well as beneath the cabinet and TV rack. It was really great because my sis usually clean the floor with wash cloth that makes her easily get tired as she needs to kneel down just to reach the underneath. After wiping it with water moving the mop forward, my sister started mopping again and now moving the Miracle mop backward to absorb the water. Cool eh? Indeed, this mop has provided an ultimate miracle to our daily household errands. LOL! The Recommended Retail Price of this product is ranging from $40 to $50 but if you want to get big discounts, I recommend you to buy at Starmax Online store as their price is lesser than the market price.

After working 8 hours in front of my desktop, I decided to fix up our clothes within the closet and was thinking to use the velvet coat hangers and vacuum storage bags. To describe, a velvet coat hanger is an ultra thin hanger covered with velvet fabric that is made of plastic. So I started sorting out the dresses, polo, pants, blouses and tees using the velvet hangers. I was startled how it handles clothes really well with its non slip, soft and gentle curves. It makes my closet look nice too. You can buy it in pieces but it would be ideal to get these hangers in package where you can obtain both the hangers and the cascading hooks and clips. Click here to grab these products online.

After slinging the clothes, I pulled out our old fabrics including blankets, pillow cases and old clothes from a carton box and preparing the vacuum storage bags that I will be using to keep these old stuffs. My awesome client included a vacuum bag sealer and 3 different sizes of storage bags that includes the medium, large and the jumbo one. I must say that these vacuum organizers are a perfect addition for every mom’s household collection. The bag is very easy to use. Just put your goods inside and select the appropriate size of storage that fits your blanket, clothes, etc. then seal it with a vacuum sealer machine, open the valve and remove the air inside thoroughly using the vacuum pipe. Based on the testimonials and feedback I’ve read, these bags helps in preserving the clothes and fabrics as well as avoid it from molds and insect attack. With that said, I no longer need to use moth balls or sprays plus I have saved more space. You can buy quality vacuum storage bags here.

I haven’t tried the vacuum food storage bags and kitchen dicer pro yet but today I will be preparing beef stew for an evening meal so I might use the dicer for cutting the veggies. Well, I am kinda excited to use the dicer as this seems really interesting just as what the video tutorial shows. Likewise, the food storage bags seem really good too and will definitely use it to store foodstuffs on our fridge.

This week is another busy days and Christmas is approaching. These products are extremely excellent for these upcoming holidays. A bunch of thanks to my Aussie client who has supplied me with these amazing products fresh from Australia. I will update you more soon.

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Have a productive and blessed day!