Monday, May 13, 2013

Freelancer’s Closet: Tips To An Organized Clothing

Not all people are organized but being organized can save you from more work. That is why it pays to be one. Being a mom and a wife, I always want a well groomed clothing arrangement so that I can easily access the stuff I need when I need it.
Being organized can be learned and you can practice it whether you are at home or at work. It is better to start practicing at home. Start with a systematized closet by having this question in mind; what do we store inside our closet?
What is inside your closet will reveal who you are. What you keep, what you wear and how you arrange it. Usually the main things that can be found inside the closet are different kinds of clothing such as dresses, gowns, coats, shirts, shorts, pants and many more. Everyone has it.
Here are some tips on how to properly organize your clothe-stuff;
Tip #1 Arrange your clothing according to its classifications.
Put your gowns together, put your coats together and stack it hanger to hanger so when you are searching for a certain type of clothing you know where to pull it out. Some people search for hours looking for something. You can’t afford to waste so much time and effort on things like this. You can’t afford the stress just because you are not organized.
Tip #2 Arrange the classified items according to its usage.
Once you’ve done classifying the types of clothing you have, it is now time to arrange it according to its usage. What you do not use the most, you should pile it at the back and what you use often should be at the front where you can easily spot it.
Tip #3 Use hooks and hangers.
There are clothes that need to be hanged to maintain its cuts and to avoid it from being crumpled. Surely, you don’t want to spend your time ironing so you’ll need appropriate hangers for these. Like coats, they need to be hanged hanger to hanger. I suggest to use velvet coat hangers because usually coats easily hang off the hanger. There are different kinds of hangers, there are different sizes and thickness and there is a specific hanger coat that has hooks and made from non-slippery materials. Be sure that you have chosen a strong one and the appropriate one. You hate it when these coats slip off and got dusted right? (If you are interested to purchase velvet coat hangers online, just click here)
Our clothes is one of the important things in our life, we are what we wear so we should see to it that we wear the exact clothes for the right occasions and most importantly it should be cleaned and in good condition. Whenever you are hurrying to go outside, you can be sure that there is no slipping off coats drama, there is no picking up and there is no fixing when you arrive home because everything is in place hanger to hanger and in order. 

Working as a freelancer allows us to have more time to manage our personal necessities including making everything organized not just for work but also for private matters. After all, we talented professionals have given the utmost leeway to keep our things in proper clause.