Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Top 3 Branded Clothes And How I Properly Take Good Care Of Them

Fashion is a staple for guys and girls in any age. We all have different preferences when it comes to fashion because it expresses who we are as a person. By and large, the way we dress up is an influence of commercialization. But still, it is best that we wear on what's comfortable for us.

When it comes to basic clothing, there are top three clothing brand that I really love most. First is Roxy. Roxy is a women line which considered different sizes for all ages and that's what I love about them. They have Roxy Girl for younger girls, Teenie Wahine for toddlers and junior clothing. They also have very colorful lines, sexy swimsuits and hoodies that are to die for.

Since I have many of clothes from those clothing companies I have mentioned above, I make sure they are kept properly. Swimsuits and board shorts are my first priorities in what to keep in my clothes because I only used them seasonally. I placed them in a vacuum storage bags to keep them safe and molded still.

Second on my list is Cotton On. If wanted to be more casual at the same time sophisticated rather than punk, I go to this brand. This brand is so lovable, from their dresses down to their tank tops. Plus, they have like 1000 branches worldwide the reason why guys and girls trusted them when it comes to clothing.

Third on my list is Billabong. I'm not a beach bum but I love board shorts and anything everything colorful and fun. It is not known worldwide the reason why I like it, not all are wearing it. They also have these swimsuits that are perfect. Like Roxy, their hoodies are also to die for.

It's not that I like branded clothes but I know I can save money when I buy them instead of cheap clothes. Sometimes, cheap and on sale clothes attracts me but then again I always think if I am really going to save money when I purchase them. Branded clothes can be worn many times, thus, making its cost lower. For me, the longer you can wear clothed before it out worn the cheaper they are because you used them for a long time. Unlike cheap clothes that you can only wear for 2 to 3 occasions then throw it away (or keep it in vacuum storage bags) because there are already holes in it, there, you did not actually save money.

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