Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy 6 Freelancing Years to me!

Happy 6 Freelancing Years to me! Working as a full-time freelancer was a lifestyle choice for me ever since I've started. It makes my professional career to be much more than a paycheck as I get to meet and work with some of the well-known companies and talented people all over the world.

While there have been ups and downs and despite the financial insecurity, these have been the best 6 years of my life.

10,008 hours and counting. More projects and puyat to come. Thank you po Lord for the wisdom, strength, good health and never ending blessings. Thanks to my hubby, parents and in-laws for their unconditional love and support. My children of course, they are my ultimate inspiration (I love you my vanini and amuryong) and thanks to all of my clients then and now for the experiences and learning.

Thank you oDesk (and now Upwork) for allowing people (degree holder or not) to have the freedom and flexibility to work anytime and anywhere. I’m incredibly curious about where the next few years will take me. One thing's for sure, it is going to be an exciting and challenging ride.

Cheers to 6 years of sweat and hard work!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Room By Room Floor Cleaning Techniques

There are some people who are naturally good in keeping their room clean but some are naturally disarray with their room, especially when it comes to cleaning the floor. Floor cleaning is one of the major occupations in cleaning the house. You clean the floor to avoid slipping or to remove the dirt.

That’s why for those who aren’t good in cleaning the room, here are some helpful room by room floor cleaning techniques;

1.    First is to choose the right tool in cleaning the floor. Broom, mop with bucket of water are the most common tools in cleaning the floor. However if you want this two task to be combined into one to save your time and energy, try this wonderful cleaning product called “Miracle Mop”. If you most prefer online shopping when purchasing your household needs, I suggest you to check this one. This cleaning equipment can do sweeping and mopping at the same time. The secret behind this wonderful product is its lightweight PVA sponge which allows its users to sweep and mop at the same time. This specially designed sponge can hold up 10 times more liquid than a regular mop can do without dripping. Also, it has special feature such as its double roller, easy action lever and lightweight aluminum handle that aids in doing sweeping and mopping simpler than the old and traditional floor cleaning equipments. It is affordable and you can buy them directly in the market or in the internet.

2.    Make the cleaning like a game and reward yourself after doing it successfully. Listen to songs with fast beats so that you will enjoy singing and dancing while cleaning. Open all the curtains and windows to shed some light and to avoid drowsiness while doing the cleaning task and to give you some fresh air. Start the cleaning by picking up everything from the floor. From the big ones to the smaller ones, group them according to what they are (e.g. books, clothes, etc.) pull everything out under your bed and dressers. You might be surprised how much junk you have pulled out, maybe some of those you have forgotten.

3.    If you have a two storey house or above, start from the highest storey of the house downward. This process of cleaning will avoid you from cleaning again the floors you have finished cleaning. From the bedroom to the other bedroom down to the living room, kitchen, dining room and the dirtiest stuff, the toilet and bath. Put everything away from the floor and pile them according to what they are. Start sweeping and mopping the floor by using Miracle Mop or any floor cleaning equipment you have. Put furnishings that are needed not to junk but in order to make room for some stuffs needed in that room. Do not put furnishings that will not have any function to that room.

4.    After cleaning everything, reward yourself by doing something you enjoy and relax in the room you have cleaned. Make sure that next time you get something, put it back from where you get it. Start the habit of being a clean person, by doing it, you do not only reward yourself for a clean room but you provide yourself a healthy environment.

Keeping your room clean is a very important thing particularly if you have kids like me. An organized and dirt free room promotes good mood, healthy living and improves quality life.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Top Considerations When Doing Your Home Makeover

As a freelance mom, I always enjoy doing renovation and enhancement for our home. But we know the fact that home makeover is a huge chore and really a complicated task because it will eat a lot of your time, effort and money. It is complicated because it is like flipping your home upside down. You can either make a petty makeover or you could literally change the entire look of your house, it is always up to you. 

Now, what's with home makeover? Same as updating and changing your fashion style week-after-week, home makeover is the same. There is always something refreshing in new views, perspective, design and angle. So if you are already tired and bored of the same-old-hideous things in your home, why don't you try stretching your body and dazzle some magic in your home?

There are many things to be considered before doing your home makeover. It is not like you want things to be in its place according to what's on your mind, in a snap. No, it's not going to happen. So, to help you out, here are few things you may consider before doing your home makeover:

1. Decide whether you want to do a huge make over, you just want to update or you just want to change a specific part of your house. Always be specific and don't overwhelm yourself. Remember, home makeover cannot be done in just one day. It will take a lot of time, effort and money.

2. If you're alone, it is best you start doing the makeover in your room. Since it is your personal space, it is likely you are inspired to do the job. Other than that, no one will come and go to disturb you. You just need to have a little boost before you do the big thing. Start little by working in a little space. There you will find yourself crawling to the next room after you finish yours. You may consider having storage solutions to maximize your space while keeping your things organized. I suggest you to use organization tools such as; vacuum storage bags, shoe storage boxes, bag organizer, slim type hangers and hooks, book/magazine organizers and a hanging organizer for your jewelry collections. (for more household storage solution, you can visit

3. In case you want to do the huge make over, consider your budget first. This makeover requires home helpers who can push, pull and carry things inside your home. If you have a budget and you are out of new ideas for your home design, you can hire the service of interior designer.

4. Painting the walls of your home with new color will instantly change its atmosphere, view and will lighten up the whole place. Every single change in your house will be noticeable if you will update the color of your wall. For a change, try to use color that you never used in your home but are still homey. You could also use wallpaper adhesive if you don’t feel like painting your wall.

5. Makeover means changing and enhancing ones appearance. So, if you are thinking bringing back your old things, please, throw the idea away. By the end of the makeover, you should start seeing something new and something fascinating in your home.

Overall, there are many things to be considered in doing home makeover, but they all falls under money, time and manpower. So think before you mix up.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Top 3 Branded Clothes And How I Properly Take Good Care Of Them

Fashion is a staple for guys and girls in any age. We all have different preferences when it comes to fashion because it expresses who we are as a person. By and large, the way we dress up is an influence of commercialization. But still, it is best that we wear on what's comfortable for us.

When it comes to basic clothing, there are top three clothing brand that I really love most. First is Roxy. Roxy is a women line which considered different sizes for all ages and that's what I love about them. They have Roxy Girl for younger girls, Teenie Wahine for toddlers and junior clothing. They also have very colorful lines, sexy swimsuits and hoodies that are to die for.

Since I have many of clothes from those clothing companies I have mentioned above, I make sure they are kept properly. Swimsuits and board shorts are my first priorities in what to keep in my clothes because I only used them seasonally. I placed them in a vacuum storage bags to keep them safe and molded still.

Second on my list is Cotton On. If wanted to be more casual at the same time sophisticated rather than punk, I go to this brand. This brand is so lovable, from their dresses down to their tank tops. Plus, they have like 1000 branches worldwide the reason why guys and girls trusted them when it comes to clothing.

Third on my list is Billabong. I'm not a beach bum but I love board shorts and anything everything colorful and fun. It is not known worldwide the reason why I like it, not all are wearing it. They also have these swimsuits that are perfect. Like Roxy, their hoodies are also to die for.

It's not that I like branded clothes but I know I can save money when I buy them instead of cheap clothes. Sometimes, cheap and on sale clothes attracts me but then again I always think if I am really going to save money when I purchase them. Branded clothes can be worn many times, thus, making its cost lower. For me, the longer you can wear clothed before it out worn the cheaper they are because you used them for a long time. Unlike cheap clothes that you can only wear for 2 to 3 occasions then throw it away (or keep it in vacuum storage bags) because there are already holes in it, there, you did not actually save money.

If you value your branded clothes like me, I bet you'll also love to have your own Vacuum Storage Bags. You can now grab these items online and if you're living in Australia and New Zealand, you don't have to worry with the shipping cost as it will be delivered to you at no cost. Order online now!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Freelancer’s Closet: Tips To An Organized Clothing

Not all people are organized but being organized can save you from more work. That is why it pays to be one. Being a mom and a wife, I always want a well groomed clothing arrangement so that I can easily access the stuff I need when I need it.
Being organized can be learned and you can practice it whether you are at home or at work. It is better to start practicing at home. Start with a systematized closet by having this question in mind; what do we store inside our closet?
What is inside your closet will reveal who you are. What you keep, what you wear and how you arrange it. Usually the main things that can be found inside the closet are different kinds of clothing such as dresses, gowns, coats, shirts, shorts, pants and many more. Everyone has it.
Here are some tips on how to properly organize your clothe-stuff;
Tip #1 Arrange your clothing according to its classifications.
Put your gowns together, put your coats together and stack it hanger to hanger so when you are searching for a certain type of clothing you know where to pull it out. Some people search for hours looking for something. You can’t afford to waste so much time and effort on things like this. You can’t afford the stress just because you are not organized.
Tip #2 Arrange the classified items according to its usage.
Once you’ve done classifying the types of clothing you have, it is now time to arrange it according to its usage. What you do not use the most, you should pile it at the back and what you use often should be at the front where you can easily spot it.
Tip #3 Use hooks and hangers.
There are clothes that need to be hanged to maintain its cuts and to avoid it from being crumpled. Surely, you don’t want to spend your time ironing so you’ll need appropriate hangers for these. Like coats, they need to be hanged hanger to hanger. I suggest to use velvet coat hangers because usually coats easily hang off the hanger. There are different kinds of hangers, there are different sizes and thickness and there is a specific hanger coat that has hooks and made from non-slippery materials. Be sure that you have chosen a strong one and the appropriate one. You hate it when these coats slip off and got dusted right? (If you are interested to purchase velvet coat hangers online, just click here)
Our clothes is one of the important things in our life, we are what we wear so we should see to it that we wear the exact clothes for the right occasions and most importantly it should be cleaned and in good condition. Whenever you are hurrying to go outside, you can be sure that there is no slipping off coats drama, there is no picking up and there is no fixing when you arrive home because everything is in place hanger to hanger and in order. 

Working as a freelancer allows us to have more time to manage our personal necessities including making everything organized not just for work but also for private matters. After all, we talented professionals have given the utmost leeway to keep our things in proper clause.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bye Bye 2012, Saying Hello To 2013!

Ahh… time flies so fast. Christmas and 2012 have passed by and we are now facing the new challenges that 2013 would bring. I thank God for another journey of life and for helping us all the way from our 2012 ride. Indeed, God is good all the time.

So what have we been up to while celebrating the holidays? Well, Lots! We came up with a Merry Gothic Christmas party with friends in our house and we have so much fun exchanging gifts, participating on games, capturing photos, videoke and enjoying the foods. While me and my husband prepared a simple Noche Buena to share with the whole family. I’m also very happy that my in-laws spend their vacation and celebrated the holiday with us. The kids missed them a lot.

New Year’s eve is a lot more exciting. Hub bought numbers of firecrackers and we prepared recipes for Media Noche including pork liempo, carbonara, fried chicken, grilled milkfish, cut veggies and cake. By the way, the kitchen slicer pro sent by my employer from Australia helps me a lot on preparing our veggies, just perfect for a lazy “feeling Chef” like me, LOL! (Thanks again BOSS!). You can grab it here.

We spent time with both sides of the family including my and my husband’s parents. There are some friends who have joined with us with a bit of tequila while watching a movie and sharing stories with one another. Simple yet pleasurable moment to treasure.

Lots of things happened last year, good and bad memories, sweet or bitter, negative and positive, are all be remembered and treasured by heart and mind. The most important thing is, we’ve learned from it.

I extremely believe that 2013 has a positive brought for us. Just be prayerful, be stronger and appreciate life more. Thank you 2012 and hello 2013, I hope that everyone has renowned with peace and prosperity and may this year brings you all the fulfillment you wish to. God bless us all!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Loving The Starmax Online Products So Much

After a week, I finally received my Starmax Online items given by my Aussie client and loving it so much.  The package includes the miracle mop, vacuum storage bags, vacuum food storage bags, vacuum sealer, velvet hangers in black and white colors and the Kitchen Dicer Pro. It also comes with complete manuals and step by step instructions on how to properly use the products. I love household stuffs especially if it’s for kitchen and I am really excited to use them.

So my younger sister has tried using the Miracle mop on our floor and it works really well. She started mopping it with water (with a bit powder detergent) and thoroughly cleans the surface as well as beneath the cabinet and TV rack. It was really great because my sis usually clean the floor with wash cloth that makes her easily get tired as she needs to kneel down just to reach the underneath. After wiping it with water moving the mop forward, my sister started mopping again and now moving the Miracle mop backward to absorb the water. Cool eh? Indeed, this mop has provided an ultimate miracle to our daily household errands. LOL! The Recommended Retail Price of this product is ranging from $40 to $50 but if you want to get big discounts, I recommend you to buy at Starmax Online store as their price is lesser than the market price.

After working 8 hours in front of my desktop, I decided to fix up our clothes within the closet and was thinking to use the velvet coat hangers and vacuum storage bags. To describe, a velvet coat hanger is an ultra thin hanger covered with velvet fabric that is made of plastic. So I started sorting out the dresses, polo, pants, blouses and tees using the velvet hangers. I was startled how it handles clothes really well with its non slip, soft and gentle curves. It makes my closet look nice too. You can buy it in pieces but it would be ideal to get these hangers in package where you can obtain both the hangers and the cascading hooks and clips. Click here to grab these products online.

After slinging the clothes, I pulled out our old fabrics including blankets, pillow cases and old clothes from a carton box and preparing the vacuum storage bags that I will be using to keep these old stuffs. My awesome client included a vacuum bag sealer and 3 different sizes of storage bags that includes the medium, large and the jumbo one. I must say that these vacuum organizers are a perfect addition for every mom’s household collection. The bag is very easy to use. Just put your goods inside and select the appropriate size of storage that fits your blanket, clothes, etc. then seal it with a vacuum sealer machine, open the valve and remove the air inside thoroughly using the vacuum pipe. Based on the testimonials and feedback I’ve read, these bags helps in preserving the clothes and fabrics as well as avoid it from molds and insect attack. With that said, I no longer need to use moth balls or sprays plus I have saved more space. You can buy quality vacuum storage bags here.

I haven’t tried the vacuum food storage bags and kitchen dicer pro yet but today I will be preparing beef stew for an evening meal so I might use the dicer for cutting the veggies. Well, I am kinda excited to use the dicer as this seems really interesting just as what the video tutorial shows. Likewise, the food storage bags seem really good too and will definitely use it to store foodstuffs on our fridge.

This week is another busy days and Christmas is approaching. These products are extremely excellent for these upcoming holidays. A bunch of thanks to my Aussie client who has supplied me with these amazing products fresh from Australia. I will update you more soon.

Moreover, if you want to know more about these products or planning to buy online, you can visit

Have a productive and blessed day!