Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bye Bye 2012, Saying Hello To 2013!

Ahh… time flies so fast. Christmas and 2012 have passed by and we are now facing the new challenges that 2013 would bring. I thank God for another journey of life and for helping us all the way from our 2012 ride. Indeed, God is good all the time.

So what have we been up to while celebrating the holidays? Well, Lots! We came up with a Merry Gothic Christmas party with friends in our house and we have so much fun exchanging gifts, participating on games, capturing photos, videoke and enjoying the foods. While me and my husband prepared a simple Noche Buena to share with the whole family. I’m also very happy that my in-laws spend their vacation and celebrated the holiday with us. The kids missed them a lot.

New Year’s eve is a lot more exciting. Hub bought numbers of firecrackers and we prepared recipes for Media Noche including pork liempo, carbonara, fried chicken, grilled milkfish, cut veggies and cake. By the way, the kitchen slicer pro sent by my employer from Australia helps me a lot on preparing our veggies, just perfect for a lazy “feeling Chef” like me, LOL! (Thanks again BOSS!). You can grab it here.

We spent time with both sides of the family including my and my husband’s parents. There are some friends who have joined with us with a bit of tequila while watching a movie and sharing stories with one another. Simple yet pleasurable moment to treasure.

Lots of things happened last year, good and bad memories, sweet or bitter, negative and positive, are all be remembered and treasured by heart and mind. The most important thing is, we’ve learned from it.

I extremely believe that 2013 has a positive brought for us. Just be prayerful, be stronger and appreciate life more. Thank you 2012 and hello 2013, I hope that everyone has renowned with peace and prosperity and may this year brings you all the fulfillment you wish to. God bless us all!

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