Friday, October 4, 2013

Room By Room Floor Cleaning Techniques

There are some people who are naturally good in keeping their room clean but some are naturally disarray with their room, especially when it comes to cleaning the floor. Floor cleaning is one of the major occupations in cleaning the house. You clean the floor to avoid slipping or to remove the dirt.

That’s why for those who aren’t good in cleaning the room, here are some helpful room by room floor cleaning techniques;

1.    First is to choose the right tool in cleaning the floor. Broom, mop with bucket of water are the most common tools in cleaning the floor. However if you want this two task to be combined into one to save your time and energy, try this wonderful cleaning product called “Miracle Mop”. If you most prefer online shopping when purchasing your household needs, I suggest you to check this one. This cleaning equipment can do sweeping and mopping at the same time. The secret behind this wonderful product is its lightweight PVA sponge which allows its users to sweep and mop at the same time. This specially designed sponge can hold up 10 times more liquid than a regular mop can do without dripping. Also, it has special feature such as its double roller, easy action lever and lightweight aluminum handle that aids in doing sweeping and mopping simpler than the old and traditional floor cleaning equipments. It is affordable and you can buy them directly in the market or in the internet.

2.    Make the cleaning like a game and reward yourself after doing it successfully. Listen to songs with fast beats so that you will enjoy singing and dancing while cleaning. Open all the curtains and windows to shed some light and to avoid drowsiness while doing the cleaning task and to give you some fresh air. Start the cleaning by picking up everything from the floor. From the big ones to the smaller ones, group them according to what they are (e.g. books, clothes, etc.) pull everything out under your bed and dressers. You might be surprised how much junk you have pulled out, maybe some of those you have forgotten.

3.    If you have a two storey house or above, start from the highest storey of the house downward. This process of cleaning will avoid you from cleaning again the floors you have finished cleaning. From the bedroom to the other bedroom down to the living room, kitchen, dining room and the dirtiest stuff, the toilet and bath. Put everything away from the floor and pile them according to what they are. Start sweeping and mopping the floor by using Miracle Mop or any floor cleaning equipment you have. Put furnishings that are needed not to junk but in order to make room for some stuffs needed in that room. Do not put furnishings that will not have any function to that room.

4.    After cleaning everything, reward yourself by doing something you enjoy and relax in the room you have cleaned. Make sure that next time you get something, put it back from where you get it. Start the habit of being a clean person, by doing it, you do not only reward yourself for a clean room but you provide yourself a healthy environment.

Keeping your room clean is a very important thing particularly if you have kids like me. An organized and dirt free room promotes good mood, healthy living and improves quality life.