Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Bittersweet Beginning

I am too excited to write my first post and it's kinda overwhelming to share everything following the past few challenging years of my motherhood and freelancing journey. I can’t even imagine that I have been working at home, giggling with my kids and cooking for my family for the past 3 years. Well, I am really proud that I can now manage to do the household stuffs, bring my daughter to school and do everything at home without stressing myself out from the long day of work.

I remember when I was working as a regular employee in an Architectural firm, it was the toughest time of my life as I need to travel two hours to go in the office. What’s worse is that I am carrying my eldest daughter in my bosom and endured all those sufferings for the sake of my family. I’m still thankful that my husband is always there to support me financially and emotionally.

My Calvary doesn’t ends there. I decided to resign and took couple of months to rest. Again, we need to walk off another rough road. This time, my husband and I decided to stay with my parents. After giving birth to my daughter Vash (she is now 4 years old), I took another job in a Construction Company even the salary is too small (not even reached the minimum wage). Whatever budgeting and saving of money I do, my salary and my husband’s income won’t be enough to pay the rent, electricity, food and my child’s needs. Until I discovered the internet world.

My Two Angels
Nobody told me about freelancing nor lead me to the information I need to know about online jobs. I browse the web, read resources, research for tips and gathered all the details regarding how outsourcing really works until I finally built my own web presence. It was not easy at first, but holding your faith, dedication, hope and skills are enough to continue and never quit. I applied for jobs, managed several projects and met different people from different part of the world which I never thought is real. I never even forget my first PHP 16,000 ATM withdrawals having a diverse feeling of pleasure, happiness and excitement in mind. Through this, we already managed to rent a house, acquire a private school for my daughter and finally settle down without the assistance of our parents. Then I gave birth to my son, Vladimir with too much joy and love (teary eyes).

So far, I have 3 ongoing contracts (long term contracts) with really considerate clients and actually earning times three of what a regular employee is getting on their regular per day rate. Yes it’s really true (without bragging) and aside from that, I can have more free time to bond with my family and friends.

That would be all for now, these upcoming weeks will going to be the busiest days for me as my little girl will be having a huge event in her school. I’ll be back soon and keep you updated!

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